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Why should I go to therapy? What is therapy all about?


For many people, the idea of going to therapy feels like a sign of weakness. Recognizing that I have a problem, that I need help, that I am weak. However, people who go to therapy usually are stronger just for the fact of going and trying to deal with themselves and their problems.

To engage in therapy is not only a sign of strength, but also, dealing with yourself makes you stronger. Psychotherapy can help you to have a sense of security within yourself and in your relationships. It helps you better adjust to changes, be more flexible, and at the same time be consistent and stronger in dealing with yourself and making positive life changes.

Have you ever been caught having negative thoughts about yourself? Sometimes you are not even aware of your own emotions or thoughts. Being aware is part of therapeutic process. At times you might act out with anger, insecurity, needing control. It might be that you are looking for love without even realizing it. In many instances you are repeating similar patterns. With therapy you discover where these patterns come from.

A psychotherapist is a Mental Health Professional specialized in the cognitive, affective, emotional and behavioral areas as well as in relationships. He/she helps you to feel empowered to live day to day and to improve your quality of life.

What is therapy?

Therapy helps you acquire tools to manage internal and external conflicts.

What are conflicts?

Conflicts are normal experiences that are part of/necessary for our personal development. Conflicts that occur within yourself affect how you interact with others.

The tools that are learned in therapy help you deal with conflicts in a more adaptive and less rigid way. At the same time, they help you visualize and reflect on your own life and its events from another perspective. Without therapy, you may not know how to move forward. Feeling vulnerable is not easy when one is not aware. With therapy, you will be able to look at yourself in an integrative and reflective way - feeling more empowered and secure as well as moving forward with a sense of more control.

Therapy, more than a treatment for psychiatric/psychological conditions, is a resource for self-awareness and self-knowledge. Through this experience you are able to live in a more adaptive way.

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